Coast to Coast – Day 8 – 6/16/15 (Keld to Reeth)

13.26 miles in 6 hours 46 minutes…

Today I deviated a bit from the track.  “A bit” is an understatement.  I took a side trip to Muker, a cute little town with a wool shop and a small town store where you can get tea and dessert if you desire. The fields of Muker are full of wild flowers that are absolutely amazing!  I spent a lot of time taking pictures there.   I never really made it back to the trail, I followed a different trail along the creek for most of the afternoon with a brief bit on the road.  The roads here make me nervous, they are super narrow and windy and people seem to drive really fast.  I added 2 miles to the trail today, oops.



While on my altered course, I ran into some wildlife.  First I encountered a family of weasels, one adult and 3 juveniles.  They were really fun to watch, chirping and playing around a bunch of rocks.  Later in the day a lamb ran right up to me, sniffed the air and then squared and peed about 4 feet in front of me.  That was quite weird behavior for a lamb.  Usually they startle and run away anytime a human is close by.  Finally, I watched two beautiful black and white cattle dogs rounding up a herd of sheep and moving them from one area to another.  They were pretty impressive.

I had dinner at the Copper Kettle in Reeth, just sweet potato and squash soup and bread.  I needed something a bit lighter today.  The food on the trail has been better than I expected, but I have never eaten so many eggs in my life.  Scrambled or fried or scrambled on toast in the morning, egg salad sandwich at lunch.  I have started trying beans on toast in the morning to skip the traditional eggs.  They are not bad actually, nothing I would have thought to have tried in the past, but a nice option.

I stayed at the Buck Hotel in Reeth and I have to say it was the worst accommodation so far on this trip.  My room was tiny, smelled of mildew and had very loud plumbing.

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