Coast to Coast – Day 7 – 6/15/15 (Kirkby Stephens to Keld)

12.15 miles in 6 hours 53 minutes…

I had a rest day yesterday and my feet are recuperating.  Today begins the solo portion of my journey.  I set out pretty early today and didn’t encounter anyone on the trail for hours.  I chose the red route today. There are different options depending on the time of year and the amount of moisture in the air and in the ground.  I ran into Andrew from Tasmania and Derek and Clive from England.  We walked together from time to time.  Andrew said that I did a nice bog dance past 9 Standards Rigg at the top of Hartley Fell.


The bogs were not as bad as I thought, they only swallowed up my left boot once.  Thank goodness for waterproof boots!

Today I stopped at Ravenseat farm for a cream tea and fresh scone.  It was a lovely afternoon treat.  There was a peacock walking around the farm and the owner said that he had lost his hen over a year ago and still calls out for her.  How sad.  There was also a very cute dog waiting patiently for anything to drop for her to eat.  The owners of the farm have 9 children with a 10th on the way.  Yikes!

DSC_0158DSC_0159I walked the duration of the day with Derek and Clive.  They were answering some of my burning questions about England and English culture.  It is very interesting.

I stayed at the Keld Lodge along with a group of 12 Aussies we have met along the way, another Aussie named Teri who lives south of Perth,  Sue and Nigel from Dorset and Grahame and Toni from Wales.  The latter 5 people were absolutely hilarious!  Keld Lodge is an old shooting lodge in the middle of nowhere.  I learned that 1/2 pint of cider is wonderful after walking, maybe even 2, 1/2 pints.  For dinner I had Spaghetti Bolognese and it was delicious!  I have been craving pasta for days.  It is kind of strange eating by myself.  Since I am now

traveling alone, they always set a table for one.  It is kind of awkward.

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