A chapter of my life closed today…


A chapter of my life closed today…

Today I put this unfinished aluminum camper into safe storage.  Today closed a chapter of our lives that started in the winter of 2017. Today, was a day to inhale and exhale.  

Now, many of you have congratulated us after seeing the results of the lawsuit that has consumed our lives on and off since we were sued in the Spring of 2019. 

While we did get a moral victory, only getting our $55,500 back is not an economic victory.

Since we were sued by Graeme MacPherson, Eric Booth, and AeroContinental, we had to defend ourselves. We could not simply say, “No. We don’t want to be sued.” Defending our selves cost us over $300,000 in lawyers fees. 

If you have daddy paying for your lawyer’s fees, no big deal. As adults, we paid for our own defense. To put that into perspective, we spent 8 years of full-time travel costs for us.  That is how I look at it.

Remember, the great thing about the American legal system… If you have “play money”  you don’t care about, you can make another party spend a lot of hard earned cash through the legal system. Bringing a lawsuit you had no business bringing, that daddy paid for, is a real rich man’s game and a class act on top of that!

Between the lawsuit and being stuck in Morocco, I have little trust in our government and legal system.  

I was told by multiple US embassies in Morocco, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France, either, “We can’t help you” or my favorite, “It’s not our job to help you”.  Wow, I thought that was a function of US embassies, to help US Citizens in other countries in times of need.  Like being stuck during a global pandemic.  According to this website “The primary purpose of an embassy is to assist American citizens who travel to or live in the host country.” Huh, maybe their job these days to to assist with political situations or help facilitate providing US weapons or defense equipment to the host countries instead.   

I learned that there are many “rules” in the legal system, but they don’t necessarily need to be followed.  There are no repercussions for lying, for withholding legally required information, for not meeting court mandated deadlines, etc.  Our legal system seems very motivated by political power, status, or fear of rocking the boat. It’s not about justice. 

Justice – the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals.

All these things I find very disappointing. I’m glad that this chapter is closing.

I have learned that some people who I thought were my friends, were actually traitors. I have no room for these people in my life and am happy that I now know who they really are.

I have learned that what I thought was a system to protect us is a farce, and seems to be a game of mostly money and a bit of politics.

I am filled with gratitude for those of you who truly are my friends and have supported us throughout this whole ordeal.  These last few weeks have reminded me how special my “real” friends are. For that, I thank you. You know who you are.


Photo taken by Andrew Vukovich

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  1. Oh WOW! {I’m sorry I’m only reading & replyting to tghis now, but I’ve been away due to serious health issues}.

    I just read your message, and I must say that I’m overcome with emotions. I know, from my own experiences, how the so-called “justice” system is flawed and corrupted beyond belief. This system, that is supposed to protect the innocent, and the frail, usually protects the big, wealthy and so-called famous.

    The less you have, the smaller you are, and the less you’re known, the less there is any chance of you getting any realy justice.

    If you look at our extremely corrupt political system, you can see that you can get a free pass and “nobody cares” quid-per-quo for your drugged son, get millions and millions of payback from foreign governments and domestic companies, including contractors, pharma, media, and others, without anyone giving a darn.

    But, God forbid, you take a loaf of bread to feed your hungry kids or dare to protest against the ruling class, and your behind will be thrown into jail as quick as a blink of an eye. Steal millions, and walk free. Steal an apple and get jailed. That’s the face of our incapable corrupt “justice” system.

    And, it’s not getting any better. It’s getting worse and worse every day, and WE THE PEOPLE are accepting it as if this is OK in any way, shape, or form.

    Anyhow, I will get off my very tall soapbox now. I think you understand me, as much as I understand, sympathize, and empathize with you!

    Please let me know if there’s ANYTHING that I or Dragon Fly Tarps can do for you, even if it’s only to blow out some steam!

    God Bless & have a great weekend!

    Oded Paz

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