We Won! (Lawsuit Outcome)

In August of 2017, we contracted AeroContinental to build a custom camper box for our Unimog. We paid AeroContinental $55,500. They breached (broke) the contract, closed the business, never delivered the camper box, and kept our money. In short we got nothing for our $55,500 we paid them… except for a lawsuit.

AeroContinental and its two owners, Graeme MacPherson and Eric Booth, sued us on 5/6/19 for breach of contract.


Graeme MacPherson:

Eric Booth:

We didn’t find out we were being sued until 5/18/19 while we were both instructing at Overland Expo West in Arizona. We were served by a process server (like in the movies) at Expo while helping a friend out in his company’s booth in front of his customers.

We eventually got our week in court beginning 3/29/21.  No surprise to us, the judge ruled in our favor on 6/14/21:

Graeme MacPherson and Eric Booth were found personally liable due to their conduct as outlined in the above ruling. They were ordered to pay us the $55,500 in value we gave them. In addition, they were ordered to pay our costs. Finally, they were ordered to pay interest.

One might ask why they sued us? Good question. Ask Graeme MacPherson or Eric Booth the next time you see them. Maybe this is a reason?:

One might also ask why we are sharing this? We are in no way embarrassed or ashamed of our behavior and have always promised our readers/followers “to relay our unvarnished lessons and experiences so others might learn with us”. See our “Mission Statement” here:

Remember, choosing to publicly sue someone puts the documents above into the public record…

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  1. Oh my gosh, daddy is paying f for those mistakes? Makes me want to barf. So glad that daddy will instead pay you ! Congrats!

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