Coast to Coast – Day 10 – 6/18/15 (Richmond to Osmotherly)

25.11 miles in 10 hours 51 minutes…

I finally arrived at the Van House in Osmotherly!  The room is a twin share with a small bathroom, but it’s clean and inviting.  Of course I can’t remember the name of the young woman that checked me in.  I think that my brain is shutting down.  I entered by room, took my socks off and supinated myself on the floor.

Today was very odd.  I didn’t run into another “walker” the entire day.  I wandered through overgrown trails, fields with waist high crops, farms with horses, sheep and cattle and deserted roads with swamps on the side.   I was hearing the banjos from Deliverance and waiting for a zombie to emerge from the fields.

What I did encounter were cows. I came across 6 young cows who would not let me pass.  I wasn’t brave enough to just walk through them, so I ended up trudging through the next field over and hopping two fences.  They are just such huge animals.  I am not comfortable around them and I feel so small and vulnerable.  When there is a fence between us, I am brave.  I did encounter two young cows who let me scratch their heads and they licked my hand, but there was a fence between us.

Today was a death march of solitude.  A lot of pavement, a lot of overgrown trails, minimal human contact, scary curious cows and a lot of mileage.

I had dinner at the 3 Tun in Osmotherly.  I had a lovely spinach and goat cheese tart and a Rhubarb dessert platter.  Oh yeah, and my token 1/2 pint of cider.

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