Coast to Coast – Day 11 -6/19/15 (Osmotherly to Blakely Ridge)

DSC_024520.11 miles in 9 hours 10 minutes…

Today the trail was very well maintained.  I waked along the Cleveland Way and then the old railroad bed.  The Moors are no joke!  My legs definitely feel it.  I met up with Lucy and David and Derek and Clive at The Lord Stones Cafe for a mid day snack of tea and a scone.  The Lord Stones Cafe is a strange place, very clean and modern, once again in the middle of nowhere.  We all walked together for a little bit, but then split up.

I arrived at the Lion Inn around 6pm.  I ordered a dinner of tomato and bacon soup and slice of apple pie with a 1/2 pint of cider.  The Innkeeper of the B&B was to pick me up around 7.  He said he would be able to find me.  Curious….

During dinner two other people who appeared to be doing the Coast to Coast sat next to me.  Simon is from England and Sarah is from Germany.  Simon attempted the Coast to Coast last year with his dog, but had to quit when he dog went lame.  He’s back this year to finish what he started, sadly without his dog.  Sarah is traveling by herself as well and met Simon a few days ago on 9 Standards Rigg.

Sarah and I were staying at the same B&B and Michael from the August Guesthouse picked us out of the crowd in an instant.  When we asked how he spotted us so easily, he replied, “I can always spot a Coast to Coaster, they have a glazed look, a limp they don’t know they have and they have a hard time responding to the simplest of questions”.  He and Mary run a beautiful Guesthouse, once again, in the middle of nowhere.  He is absolutely hilarious!  He likes to play jokes on his guests and attempts to change people’s minds when they ask him to drop them off at the end of the tarmac to start the trail in the morning instead of starting back at the Lion Inn and walking 3 miles on the tarmac.  The August Guesthouse has a beautiful garden that you look out on during breakfast.

I have learned that in England, one’s back yard is a “Garden” and they take great pride in their gardens.  You do not want to call their “Garden”, a yard!  The gardens, the living walls, the wild flowers in the fields or along the roads are just absolutely amazing here.  Every day I am thoroughly amazed by the beauty surrounding me.

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