Australia – Day 51 (Quinninup to Fremantle)

Day 51 – (9/4/15) Quinninup to Fremantle

We left the campsite and found a sign for the Diamond Tree.  We weren’t really sure what it was, so off the road we went.  We found a large tree with horizontal rebar spiraling up it’s trunk.  Ryan and I started climbing up this colossal tree, but I ended stopping 2/3 of the way up due to a touch of vertigo.  Ryan went all the way up to the upper lookout platform.  From my prospective, you could see quit a bit of sway at the top of the tree.
These trees were used at lookouts to spot fires in the distance.

From here, we headed north towards our destination of Fremantle.  We stayed at Arundel’s Boutique which was a lovely room within an easy walk of restaurants and  the down town area.

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