Australia – Day 41 (exploring Wiluna)

Day 41 – (8/26/15) Wiluna

Today was a rest day. LeeWhay did laundry while I took advantage of the Wi-Fi. I spent time updating devices, downloading podcasts, and emailing.

We did drive into town to get some beer/groceries and take a walking tour of the town.

Colin let me drive his Right Hand Drive (RHD) Nissan Pathfinder into town which was only about 7 miles away. LeeWhay’s observation driving a rental car in Brisbane was correct – it was way harder to drive a RHD than a LHD vehicle despite the side of the road you were on. It just felt really awkward. I kept getting the turn signals confused with the window washers! Colin commented on how intense I was concentrating on driving…

When we got back, Sandra cooked us a lamb, potato, and green bean dinner with egg and vegetable fritter appetizers. It was awesome after only eating soup, stew, pasta, and egg burrito dinners for the last 24 days. What a treat, thank you Sandra!



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