Australia – Day 40 (Well 3 to Wiluna)

Day 40 – (8/25/15) Well 3 to Wiluna, 83 miles.

Our last morning on the Canning at Well 3.

Well 3 RH and LWP








Well 2A, Well 2,  Well 1

This was the fastest driving in 21 days since the Tanami Track. We hit 50 mph!

We finished the CSR!!!

RH and LWP Wiluna sign.jpg

We stocked up on some food at the market in Wiluna and had a drink or three at the pub in Wiluna to celebrate with Colin and Jeanette.

Menu Wiluna Club Hotel

We drove to the Gunbarrel Laager campground where Peter, Sandra and Lee and Tanami were already camped.  This campground has hot showers, indoor plumbing, a shared indoor kitchen and dining room,  a community TV, internet and laundry.

We found out that Lee and Tanami were able to limp out of the CSR and had necessary repairs done on his vehicle.  He knew the rough timeline of his traveling buddies and took a mixture of paved and dirt roads to catch up.

-LeeWhay & Ryan

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