Australia – Day 39 (near Well 6 to Well 3)

Day 39 – (8/24/15) near Well 6 to Well 3, 30 miles.

Today was a long day.  We were trying to meet up with our friends.  We had spoken with them on the radio, but we were pretty far behind them.

We stopped at Well 6 which was a beautifully restored well.

Well 6

We traveled through station land.

We stopped at Well 5 and chatted with 2 couples who were traveling North on the Canning.  They had just begun their journey a few days earlier.

Well 5

There was a sign on the gate to Granite Peak Station saying that we needed to go back to Well 9 to exit the Canning if we were traveling with a trailer.

We have spoken to many parties along the Canning as well as prior to starting the Canning.  A majority of the people said we would be fine traveling south of Well 5 with our trailer.  A minority of the people said we would not be able to make a few of the steep ascents / descents that one encounters South of Well 5. Since we have made it to Well 5, which was the exit point we were planning on taking due to our trailer and were being told we would have to back track to Well 9 to exit, we decided to continue on.  We did not plan on having to backtrack and did not have an excess of fuel to be able to do so.  Ryan and I are confident in our driving ability as well as the ability of our truck and trailer.

Well 4B, 4A, Windich Springs, Well 4A, Well 3A, Well 3

We met our Australian friends at Well 3 and had a wonderful campfire with the wood we had collected along the way.  Initially we were putting our firewood in our second trasharoo, but we soon decided that firewood was more secure strapped to the Maxtrax on the roof.

This was our last night on the Canning.  What an adventure this has been…

-LeeWhay & Ryan




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  1. Interested in your story we leave mid june from Newcastle to Alice then gun barrel to Wiluna and our great adventure the csr.

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