Australia – Day 38 (Well 12 to near Well 6)

Day 38 – (8/23/15) Well 12 to near Well 6, 79 miles.

We said our goodbyes to Colin, Jeanette, Peter, and Sandra this morning. Hopefully we will see them again someday.

We didn’t come across any other people today. This makes 2 days without seeing anyone other than our party.

We have entered into “station” land (ranch land) with signs of civilization. We began seeing cattle, windmills, and some fences.

It appears that the dunes have come to an end.

Ryan saw a couple of Australian monitor lizards called Goanna and followed them into the bush to capture them on video. They are very unique looking.


Saw our first kangaroos since before Alice Springs.

Well 11, 10, 9, 8, 7



Campsite near Well 6.jpg

We were both really tired pulling into camp since we did about 80 miles. We didn’t eat much for dinner which was good because we are running out of food.  We crawled into bed around 8pm. Today was a tough day.

-LeeWhay & Ryan

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