Australia – Day 36 (Durba Springs to Well 15)

Day 36 – (8/21/15) Durba Springs to Well 15, 48 miles.

We walked up the gated track to Well 17 in the morning.  It was a beautiful walk.  The area up to and surrounding Well 17 is quite lush.

track to Well 17

Water at Well 17.jpg

We both tasted the nectar of the Grevillea eriostachya or Flame Grevillea.  We have heard it makes a refreshing drink when stirred in water.


Well 16

Well 16

Well 15

Well 15

Our Australian friends were at Well 15 when we arrived and they were chatting with a few other parties heading North.  It appears that Colin and Jeanette know everyone, even out here in the middle of the Outback.

They too were running low on food. Sandy, an amazing chef, made homemade bread on the fire.  It was heavenly.  I had no idea one cook bake bread on a campfire.

We also took another shower since we could replenish our Road Shower at this well.

-Ryan & LeeWhay

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