Australia – Day 35 (Durba Springs)

Day 35 – (8/20/15) Durba Springs, 0 miles.

It is an oasis here, ¬†I don’t want to leave. ¬†Unfortunately, since our Delorme InReach is no longer working, we are on a more strict schedule and we have to be off the trail by our drop dead date of August 27th.

Today we explored the area and found Aboriginal rock art.

Rock art.jpg

We hiked in a gorge that led to a dry waterfall and saw a glimpse of our first snake in Australia. It looks closest to a Desert Death Adder! We’ll have to confirm what it is back in civilization. [Confirmed!]

Gum in red rockyellow flowers Durba

We used spider web sticks as we were hiking to avoid walking through the many webs alongs the trail. These spiders are huge!

Big spider

We spent another evening with our Australian friends and mentally prepared for leaving this beautiful place.





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