Australia – Day 24 & 25 (Well 46 to Well 43 to Well 41)

Day 24 – (8/9/15) Well 46 to near Well 43, 63 miles.

We have discovered that our Cook Partner Stove doubles as a lovely drying rack.

cook partner drying rack

Today we struggled to keep up. The others on the Canning seem to be traveling at a much faster pace. It could be that we take our time with breakfast, cleaning up and packing up before getting on the trail again.

Or maybe because we stop quite often to explore things like this burned out vehicle,

Ryan exploring a burned out car

or to take a walk down the track.

LWP Well 45

Our new Australian friends found a lovely camp area about 1 km before Well 43.  We camped with our new Australia crew and enjoyed talking around a wonderful campfire.

Day 25 – (8/10/15) Well 43 to Well 41, 49 miles.

We are transitioning from the excitement of being on the CSR to the dunal slog. It’s still interesting with new vegetation and slightly different landscapes. But, dunes become monotonous.

Northern tinsel and dune

Whenever we encounter people on the trail, we stop and chat.  We have noticed that a few of the parties who were traveling North on the Canning were on a family trip.  A majority of the people we have come across traveling on the Canning are farmers.  Interesting.

We ran into a few towing out a Nissan Pathfinder due to dead alternator. They still had 400km-ish to go, yikes!

It was hot today, around 90F.

We camped at Well 41 for the night. It was an ok site if you didn’t mind the occasional waft of dead camel (of which there were four). Apparently they are culling camels in the outback.  They have become a big problem and the Australians are trying the figure out how to deal with their increasing numbers.

Dead camels

We saw our first dingo of the Canning close to camp this afternoon.

Well 41

Well 41 had water that was marginal for showering – cloudy & tea colored. Sadly, there was a lot of toilet paper around this site. I don’t think that people understand the etiquette of going to the bathroom in the desert.

We shared a nice campfire with our new Australian friends and enjoyed conversation late into the evening.

-LeeWhay & Ryan


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