Australia – Day 23 (Breaden Pool to Well 46)

Day 23 – (8/8/15) Breaden Pool to Well 46, 53 miles.

snowpeak mug

In the morning, we explored Breaden Pool while drinking morning coffee.  It was just a short walk from where we camped for the night.  We discovered a lot of dingo foot prints around our camp, but did not spot any.  We heard them in the night though, making a ruckus just outside our vehicle.

We decided to go for a hike in search of Godfreys Tank after we cleaned and packed up camp.

Breaden pool camp

Ryan searched for something in the piles of dead leaves at Godfreys tank.

Ryan at Godfrey's tank

On our walk back to camp, we met 2.5 couples: Lee & Tanami (dog) , Colin & Jeanette, Peter & Sandra.  We chatted with them for a bit and discovered that they were traveling in the same direction as we were and roughly on the same time line.  I wonder if we will run into them again?

We finally encountered some real dunes today. They were spaced close together with false summits. We went into low range for the first time since we started the CSR.

Well 47 was in ruins. Ryan is determined to visit each and every well along the CSR.  Time will tell if we will see all 51 of them.

Well 47

We found a great overlook with a random pile of stones.

Hilltop stone pile

We camped at Well 46 for the night and took our second shower on the Canning. Well 46 had a nice restored well with pretty clear water.

The Couples we met earlier in the day were camped at Well 46 and we ended up chatting and sharing cookies as the sun went down.

This appeared to be a popular camp site.  There were 5 others camped here for the night.  The other parties were traveling North and consisted of farmers and a politician.

-LeeWhay & Ryan

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