Australia – Day 26 (Well 41 to near Well 38)

Day 26 – (8/11/15) Well 41 to near Well 38, 55 miles.

We had cooler temps today.

Northern tinsel

As we have been making our way South, there are way more wild flowers. Northern Tinsel’s brilliant, purple flowers are amazing and can grow into a rather large bush. I don’t think that I have ever seen anything this deep of a purple before, especially when the sun hits it.


Northern tinsel and chaser

We encountered some deeper sand dunes and experienced our first failed dune climb. We got over on the second attempt.

We also experiences our first grove of dessert oaks.  They sound wonderful in the wind.

dessert oaks and chaser

For the first night in three nights, we didn’t think we would camp with the Australians. We simply couldn’t keep up with them today.

We were starting to get pretty fatigued around 3pm. So, we decided we would find the next campsite that looked good. Then, we heard them on the radio saying where they were.  We weren’t too far away.

We decided to pull into a campsite in a grove of Gum trees for the night.  Our Australian friends were camped a bit further along on the track.

Best sunset yet.

sunset near well 38

LeeWhay & Ryan

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