Australia – Day 22 (Well 50 -Breaden Pool)

Day 22 –  (8/7/15) Well 50 to Breaden Pool, 46 miles.

In the morning, we hiked down a wash to a small sandstone side canyon in search of Culvida Soak.  This was approximately 2.5 miles from Well 50.  There, we saw aboriginal rock art. Circles carved into red sandstone alongside hundred year old “graffiti” of the early explorers.

circles in sandstone

There were many medium sized spiders, mud bird houses, and resting butterflies in the canyon as well.

spider Culvida soak

Culvida soak

We have been listening to Bill Bryson’s audiobook, “In a Sunburned Country”, as we have been driving around the outback. He relayed a few stories of random people walking the the desert and finding huge gold nuggets. One was 60 pounds!

Ryan thinks he should not have listened to those stories. He now finds himself looking down more than he otherwise would looking for a nugget. You never know, do you? LeeWhay thinks Ryan’s absurd, but would be happy if he happened upon one.

We met 81 year old Helen and Frank walking in the wash. It was their 5th time on the CSR and they were making a video of the CSR.  We chatted for a little bit and exchanged information. We hope to see their video in the future. They were pretty amazing, traversing the CSR in a single vehicle, sleeping in a ground tent and hiking. Good for them!

Well 49 was the first well we have encountered with water.  We decided to refill out solar shower while we had the opportunity.  This particular well was in good repair and very easy to use.

Well 49 pic

Well 49

We are driving through seas of Spinifex grass. The landscape is starting to look like the red rocks of Southern Utah again.

spinifex and mexican hat

redrock near Breaden Pool

We arrived at Breaden Pool and set up camp as the sun was going down.  We decided to explore the area in the morning when we had the morning light.

– Ryan & LeeWhay

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