Copper Canyon – Vehicles Taken

A vehicle description to set the scene for what type of vehicles we had to be able to take the routes we did…

LX450 (Ryan and LeeWhay):

– 1997
– basically stock drivetrain
– rebuilt axels and diffs (F/R)
– rebuilt cooling and ignition systems, and a lot of the vaccuum lines
– rebuilt calipers, new SS lines
– extended all breathers (diffs, tranny, and transfer case)
– upgrades:
– OME 2.5″ lift from Slee, heavy/heavy springs
– Dual battery (2 X 31M-PC2150 Sears Platinum DieHard Marine)
– ARB locking diffs (F/R) and CKMA12 compressor
– ARB rear bumper with dual tire carrier
– BFG M/T KM2’s, 255/85/16, so 6 total on vehicle
– Man-A-Fre 24 gal auxiliary fuel tank, so about 50 gal total!

4Runner (Adam):

– 1997 (my old truck)
– stock drivetrain
– partially rebuilt cooling system
– upgrades:
– 2.5″ Sonoran Steel lift
– skid plate and belly pan, Bud Built
– extended all breathers
– plywood platform u-bolted to roof rack to carry 2 Jerry cans horiz.
– BFG A/T KO’s, 285/75/16, 5 total on vehicle

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