Coast to Coast – Day 4 – 6/11/15 (Grasmere to Glenridding)

7.54 miles in 5 hours 49 minutes…

Today was another relatively short day with a tough climb and descent.  We decided to hike St Sunday’s Craig and opted out of Helvellyn due to Rachel’s fear of heights. Once again, we had spectacular weather and spectacular views.  We definitely chose the right week to start this walk, last week was cold and rainy all week, this week has been dry and sunny.  Absolutely amazing!

We met Gita and Sita on the trail this morning.  A mother / daughter team from Chicago.  Sita is originally from Trinidad and Gita was born in Darwin.  They were a very international duo.  Some people on the trail are hard core.  Many of the walkers are in their 60’s and 70’s and they are impressive.  They just push on, tackling these hills without complaint.  They are absolutely amazing!

I continue to smile every time I see sheep, they are everywhere. They are kind of funny, I see now where the term sheepish comes from.

DSC_0081The dry fit stone walls are incredible.  I can’t imagine how much work it took over the years to erect these amazing walls.  Some run vertically up very steep hillsides.

My toes are still causing great discomfort.  I’m a bit worried about the rest of the walk.  I have only completed 24% of the walk.  I have a lot further to go.

We stayed at the MossCraig Guest House, had dinner at Helvellyn Country Kitchen and dessert at the Traveler’s Rest.  At dinner we met a lovely little 4 year old named Lilly who was very social and absolutely adorable.

After dinner we walked over to Lake Ullswater, the second largest lake in the Lakes District.  It was a beautiful evening.  I still can’t get used to the daylight hours this far north.  It gets light around 4am and stays light until almost 11pm.

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