Coast to Coast – Day 2 – 6/09/15 (Ennerdale to Rosthwaite)

15.18 miles in 8 hours 49 min…

Today we chose to walk on the north side of the lake, it was beautiful!  We met a few large groups of walkers today and saw them on and off throughout the day.

We stopped for lunch at Black Sail Youth Hostel. It’s a wonderful place in the middle of nowhere, just before the steep climb out of the valley.  It has tea & coffee and a bathroom with running water.  It was lovely.

I keep hearing the songs from the Sound of Music in my head.  The landscape is just so amazing and green. We had a very steep ascent and descent today, very reminiscent of Dead Woman’s Pass in Peru.  I kept looking for Llamas or Alpacas, but I only saw sheep.  Luckily for me, the altitude was nowhere near that of Dead Woman’s Pass.

Ron and Rachel are machines.  Rachel is like a mountain goat, frolicking up the hills and Ron’s performance fluctuates with his blood sugar, but he is pretty fast as long as his blood sugar is in check.

I am slow and steady in the back, always in the back.  My toes are starting to be a problem.  My pinky toes and my 1st MTP heads are blistering despite taping. Ron’s “club foot” returned at the end of the day, just before arriving at Scafell Hotel. I’m a bit worried about him.

The Scafell Hotel seemed to be an upscale resort, once again in the middle of nowhere.  I had a burger, salad and a lemon dessert accompanied with a 1/2 pint of Ennerdale Blonde at the hotel bar.

A Nice little Englishman sat with us for dinner.  He was a bit peculiar, but very nice.  I am still having a difficult time understanding British accents.





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