Australia – Trip Overview

Who: LeeWhay and Ryan

Where: Australian Outback – The Simpson Desert, Alice Springs, Canning Stock Route, Gunbarrel Highway [decided not to do this later in the trip], and the Tanami Track

Why: The remote, unique landscape has intrigued me since I was a kid. Seeing kangaroos and other one-of-a-kind creatures on National Geographic programs sparked this. An isolated continent where animals were left to evolve on their own was fascinating. Beautiful scenery, interesting culture and people – why not?

The challenge of driving in this remote country has been a dream since I discovered it was even possible through this whole overlanding community. Driving the equivalent distance of Los Angeles to Seattle on dirt two-track in  the middle of scrub desert with one aboriginal village halfway through is possible? Let’s do it!

When: July, August, a bit of September of 2015

What: Our truck, Adventure Tank, and our trailer, lil’ Toot! Shipped from the US.

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