“Adventure Tank” is…

…our 1997 Lexus LX450 is essentially an 80-Series Toyota Land Cruiser that originally came with a “car phone”, softer springs, and nicer leather seats. Well, the leather seats remain… for now!

“Lil Toot” is…

…our Adventure Trailer (brand) Chaser (model) trailer was semi-custom built to our specs in 2012. It is a very capable, relatively lightweight off road trailer.

Our use model is not common. We sleep in “Tank” atop a 4 inch custom fit (by LeeWhay) foam mattress. To achieve this sleeping area, five of the original seven seats have been removed; the two front seats remain. In order to have a decent amount of headroom, we can carry very little camping gear in the truck.

This is where “Toot” comes in. The trailer carries almost all of our camping and cooking gear, food, fridge, spare parts and fluids, water, some extra fuel, solar panels, and extra clothes/bedding.

Since we “live” in the LX450, our clothes, toiletries, and other personal items are secured in the cabin. We also carry most of the recovery gear within the truck in case we stuck while we are away from the trailer.

LX450 modifications and what they allow us to do:

  • 2.5″ ARB/OME Extra Heavy Springs and Nitrocharger Sport shocks
    • springs allow more cargo capacity than stock springs
    • shocks can handle heavier load and less likely to overheat
    • lift allows for a bit larger tires and clearance without adversely affecting driveline
  • 33″ BFG Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 tires (LT255/85R16/E)
    • very strong carcass with good sidewall protection reduces likelihood of tire punctures (no punctures yet!)
    • “skinny” and tall tire allows more tread “forward to back” when aired down
    • Mud-terrain does perform better in mud (just ask Adam!)



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