Australia – Day 3 & 4 (Trangie to Charleville to Deon’s Landing)

Day 3 (7/19/15), Trangie to Charleville

Today was a transit day – 463 miles.

We settled into the rhythm today.

Notable events:

  • We crossed from the state of New South Wales into Queensland
  • We saw hundreds of Galahs birds from the cockatoo family roosting and squawking in the eucalyptus trees this morning
  • We saw hundreds of dead Kangaroos in various states of decomposition
  • Ryan saw his first kangaroos, camel, and emus
  • LeeWhay saw her first emus (she missed the camel and saw roos yesterday)
  • This is the Outback, much red dirt!
  • Stayed at an awesome campground at the Red Lizard Campground
    • 6 km south of Charleville on Mitchell Highway



Day 4 (7/20/15), Charleville to Deon’s Landing

Another transit day – 418 miles.

Notable events:

  • First encountering of a road train!
    • this one was a “double-decker, triple beef” as we liked to call them
  • The landscape reminded us of the Tanzanian savannah
    • We were waiting to see Lions take down a Wildebeest
  • First dirt road driving

Near Deon's Landing, panorama

  • Mud bird nests

Mud Bird Nest

  • Huge solar collector

Solar Collector, wideSolar Collector, zoom

  • Stayed at Deon’s Landing “rest stop”
    • a high point overlooking the flat desert
    • had it to ourselves

Deon's Landing, sunset

Night Cooking, LeeWhay

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