Australia – Day 10  (Georges Corner to Dalhousie Springs via the French Line) 

Day 10 (7/26/15), near Georges Corner on the Rig Road to Dalhousie Springs via the French Line, 89 miles.

We were on a mission to hit Purni Bore for a warm shower. We had heard along the way that we should stop at Purni Bore for a warm shower before heading on to Dalhousie Springs where there were cold showers.  Unfortunately when we got to Purni Bore, the water in the shower was cold.  We decided to wait for a better, warmer opportunity.   [Little did we know, it would be two days later…]

We walked around Purni Bore and observed the wildlife for some time.  There sure are some amazing birds out here in the desert.

Purni Bore

Bird at Dalhousie Springs

Back on the road we encountered our first Ranger who checked our Desert Park Pass.  [This was the one and only time on the trip that someone checked our Passes / Permits.]

We arrived at Dalhousie Springs to find a lot of vehicles accompanied by a lot of people.  We are definitely out of the quiet desert now.

After setting up camp, we headed down to the hot springs for a soak.  I am not one to really enjoy hot springs with soggy bottoms and fish that nibble at your feet, but this was absolutely heavenly after 5+ days without a shower.  I was able to avoid the soggy bottom by using the pool noodles to float. To avoid the fish gnawing at my feet, I kept them moving.  I was definitely a happy camper!


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