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  1. Love the blog. Looking forward to your big adventure. Hopefully we can meet up before you take off. Your welcome to come visit morro bay.

  2. Hi Ryan and LeeWhay,

    It’s Zach Elgart – we met at Rob’s place last week. Anyway, it was great to meet you two and chat about our trucks and plans. We’re back in Houston now recovering from a longer than expected trip home and planning our next moves for the camper. Hope you’re having a good trip up to Montana. Good luck with the build!

    Ryan, when you have a minute, we’d love to learn more about solar.

    Thanks and safe travels!

    Zach (and Robin)

    • Zach, sorry I just saw this. I will pass this along to Ryan.
      I’m sure he would love to discuss solar options with you. What is the best way to contact you guys?

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